Our story

March 3, 1993 marked the day when E.G.& I. Construction begun its journey to find a place in the complicated field of the Construction Industry. Then, as a sole proprietorship, E.G.& I. Construction, under the able leadership of its owner, Engr. Edsel A. Galeos, slowly made its way thru thick & thin to earn a respectable name in the industry today.

With an unblemished record of over 4 years in D category with a size range of Small A, the men behind the success of E.G.& I. Construction decided to upgrade its construction license to “A” category with a size range of Medium A and formed into corporation for what it is now called as E.G.& I. Construction Corporation. In 2017, after having met and complied with the requirements was upgraded to “AA” category with a size range of Medium B.

Precision, Quality, Honesty compounded with Sincerity in accomplishing a contract project is the company’s main thrust and policy, for which it is being rewarded with enough blessings thru all these years. Today E.G.& I. Construction Corporation boasts of a fleet of Heavy Equipments & various construction machineries purposely acquired to boost its flexibility and mobility in the prosecution of both horizontal and vertical projects.

We are proud to have an unquestioned track record in both government and private institutions and stand to be one of the prominent names in the construction industry.

Vision and Mission

E.G.& I. Construction Corporation is a duly licensed Contractor under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. A firm which stand tall and proud to be considered as one of the most respected pillars of the construction industry, both in private and government entities.

With the combined skills of its management and staff, supported by competent engineers and technical men, with a fleet of construction equipments and an array of construction devices and tools at hand, E.G. & I. Construction Corporation offers a wide range of services, which include among others; Design, Supervision,Construction & Maintenance of both vertical and horizontal projects.

Honesty and dedication to work are the values that E.G.& I. Construction Corporation has adhered to thru the years of service to its clients while maintaining its thrust on economy, precision and quality of work has endeared us to our valued customers.

Today E.G.& I. Construction Corporation with an unblemished record and unquestioned integrity in the business industry has in a way help solve our country’s unemployment problem while catering quality services to numerous clients and craving to serve more clients in the near future.

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Project Management System

  • 01

    Quality Assurance and Control

    To ensure the quality of work the company has employed highly skilled workers and as to materials, it is with a complete set of Material Testing Equipments, which are handled by well-trained Engineers and Technical men.

  • 02

    Costumer Satisfaction and Relationship

    As a company policy, we always adhere to the terms and specifications of a contract, but shall willingly submit to any change order subject to the agreement of both parties and to the satisfaction of the customer concerned.

  • 03

    Human Resource Development

    To promote its commitment to progress and upliftment of both skilled and unskilled labor, the company periodically conduct seminars, send delegates to sponsored seminars while recognizing deserving workers by way of promotion and rankings.

  • 04

    Safety Consciousness

    The company is one that considers safety as an ingredient of our bread and butter by hiring highly trained safety officers and forming safety committees in all level of construction to oversee and formulate safety nets for both the environment and human health.

  • 05

    Financial (Cash Flow) Management

    E.G.& I. Construction Corporation has maintained with several banks a substantial amount which is more than enough for its operation aside from its credit line commitment from several banks, to be used exclusively for a certain project.

  • 06

    Supplier and Sub-Contractor Relation

    As a good creditor, the company is swamped with offers from different suppliers and sub-contractors, a solid proof of having maintained a good business relationship with them.

  • 07

    Site Management

    E.G.& I. Construction Corporation has maintained with several banks a substantial amount which is more than enough for its operation aside from its credit line commitment from several banks, to be used exclusively for a certain project.

    Formulation of Organizational Core group for site management is a standard operating procedure of this company with the purpose of having a direct hand in discussion, solution and decision that may arise anytime during the implementation of a project.